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Jack began his career in the helping professions in 1980 when he trained as a counsellor. He used his new skills and knowledge to introduce humanistic and person-centred approaches through his work as a management consultant and lecturer.

One of the most important traits in a therapist is an ability to stand in the client's shoes, in other words empathy.  Whilst many people are naturally disposed to being an empath, we mostly develop this quality through dealing with life's challenges. Like adoption, divorce, near-death accidents, abuse, the death of life partners and working with some of the most traumatised people in society. Like Jack.

Of course "dealing" means learning and rising above the challenge. To be able to go on and help others combat stress, let go of the pain and negative emotions and probably most importantly of all, become equipped to ride out future storms. And wouldn't it be wonderful, if you wanted, to learn some of these skills yourself....   

Person-Centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Sedona Method, and the Healing Code are just some of the talk therapies Jack has mastered. He has also trained in Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Kinesiology, the Bowen Technique, Theta Healing and most recently Identity Constellation work. He spent many years earlier in his career under the expert supervision of Nick Poole, and has been a supervisor himself, something he still offers.

With his late wife Anne, he has taught NLP, Theta Healing and the Healing Code to thousands of people in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Greece.  

He began his private practice in the North-West of England (south Warrington) in 1995 and has helped hundreds of clients with every conceivable challenge, both psychological and physical. He offers one-to-one therapy in Tetbury and (soon to be) Cheltenham.

"I regard what I do as a gift, yet it is one which I have devoted many thousands of hours of my life to, learning the most effective and efficient processes around. I believe I am divinely guided and my track record is exceptional. To watch and listen to clients who come with (often to them) intractable issues, then leave after one, two or more sessions with their lives turned around is surely one of the most wonderful privileges one can have. I am richly blessed."

"Thank you to all my clients, past, present and future. I have unconditional positive regard (love) for you all, for love is greatest power in the universe, and is the "secret" (there is no secret) behind my success. It can be yours too, sooner than you ever imagined."