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I have known Jack Stewart for about 12 years now. He was recommended as "someone I just have to know" by a highly respected doctor who I had spoken at an event with. I subsequently met Jack and ended up doing two events with him, that I considered highly successful. The thing that I have always felt the most from Jack is his extraordinary, to any and all lengths love and caring. Yes, he is also meticulous, and one of the best speakers/interviewers I have ever seen - but I felt warmth and sincerity just oozing out of his every pore. It really set me up to do one of the best things I have ever personally done -because he made me feel so comfortable and important. I really can't name anyone else I would say this about except Jack, and that covers about 25 years in this field. He is a very unique human being, in kind of the way you would feel if you were digging in your garden and happened on a perfect uncut 10 carat diamond. In one sense it takes your breath away for a bit, in another you find yourself breathing more deeply and peacefully than you can recall.

I love Jack Stewart, can't wait till I see him again, and highly recommend him.
Many blessings, Dr  Alex Loyd, best selling author of the Healing Code and the Love Code.

I have known Jack Stewart professionally and on personal level since 2012 when he first came to present a healing workshop at my Holistic health Centre in Birmingham.

The initial workshop was a success and it became so popular with clients who came from all over the country that it was run 3 or 4 times a Year and the feedback we received about Jack was excellent. 

I got to know Jack on a personal level and he is an incredible insightful and very intelligent man whose compassion matches his integrity. Having witnessed his life change over nearly a decade with personal losses that really could have caused him to lose his will to carry on and yet I saw emerge out of pain and grieve a man whose mission became even more important to him, which is a simple one ,love heals.

 Jack has a message that makes you listen because he has earned that accolade of a spiritual teacher as he has become living proof that we as individuals can come back from devastation and rebuild our lives and not only that, but create something good from the past experiences that we have lived through and the messages entwined within his spoken words and actions is hope springs eternal.

 Perhaps now more than ever, society needs to hear this, as Jack thinks outside the realms and constraints imposed upon the minds of people from the media driven propaganda and draws upon a conclusion of what really matters is not created or driven by fear, but by love and hope and that is Jack’s conclusion and simple but profound message.

 I have no reservations in recommending Jack to any organization and a proud to call him my friend.

Stuart Morris, Director of Birmingham Holistic Health Centre


I just received the most amazingly powerful healing from my very good friend and healer Mr Jack Stewart. Brilliant method, brilliant guy. Wow! Tears without tiaras....It's always good to get a dose of your own medicine! I had no idea I was carrying so much stuff, not to mention the root causes, which of course, mostly went back to childhood origins. Also interesting to note that this 'stuff' was hidden in my organs: heart, gall bladder, gut and liver! Hopefully these will now strengthen and become more healthy too. 

Thank you Jack, thank you world, thank you Universe!

Gary Plunkett.

“Embracing the Divine through Relationships was an intriguing subject for our group - no one quite knew what to expect.  However, it soon become clear, through various simple but effective exercises the importance of being able to look within, to become aware of ourselves and of our connection/relationship with others.  It was a powerful evening and it was obvious that many felt changed by the experience.   I certainly did. It is great to see Jack returning toT the speaking circuit.   His experiences over the past few years have been life changing but they have given him a new perspective on life!”    

Jacqui M, Solihull.

Dear Jack Stewart

 All  my  life has changed towards the  best , after having met  you !  

You  are  my  best  teacher  and  therapist,  Now i understand myself and the world ,I feel  i am the  master of  the  game called My  life, !  You  empowered me and  made  see life as a wonderful thing, people  as  lovely beings, and me as perfect creature , just  the  way  i am ! You  taught  me  to  accept and  love myself  and  others  unconditionally ,without  fear ,blame and judging...and here  all  the  miracles started to happen :

My relation  with my son, with  my friends, my  health physical,emotional and mental ( and  money  :)  )

Thank you  from  my heart !  i  owe you, my new  life,my happiness. my  balance, my health,my serenity and  my inner  peace !

Jacquelina  Carmen De Los Rios, Athens.