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What to Expect


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Our first contact will usually begin by phone. After all , talk therapy should begin by your being comfortable about what you hear! If what I say meets with your approval, and you are happy with your commitment to the process, we will agree an appointment. I only work Tuesdays and Wednesdays (9.30 to 4) in Tetbury, whether in person or by Skype.   

I cannot determine how many sessions you will need in advance. However, most clients only need 2 or 3. Exceptionally a singe session may work or equally exceptionally 4 or more.  A session is usually an hour, up to 1.5 hours if necessary.  

 You will be asked what you want from the session, and/or the course of treatment. My "contract" with you is to deliver that. You will create a full sensory situation in your mind's eye, in your thoughts and feelings of yourself as having your intention or goal, and/or being healed. My task is to help you let go of the obstacles to your goal, and massively enhance your "resources" (see Psychotherapy page) to enable you to get it.  

 Most times, I will also share with you the process I use (the Healing Code) so that you can use it on yourself, or others. It is simplicity itself, and is based on unconditional love, something which has no harmful "side effects."  

 The session consists of you answering questions and accessing powerful, resourceful "states" and observing (avoiding painful re-living) yet changing past traumas/unresolved issues. And then finally stepping out as the person you always wanted to be, or remembering who you truly are, a person of immense significance!  

 Your motivation to do all this will come from a burning desire to get better/improve (you have it) or being completely and utterly sick (literally) of being dis-eased or compromised.  

 And that's it! 

 Finally, everything is confidential; you remain the person in control.  

 Any other questions? Call me on 07847 954142